About Us

Why you matter to us

Enabled4Life is committed to enhancing the health and social wellbeing of Australians by facilitating access and education regarding the National Disability Insurance Scheme.

As one of Australia’s largest independent NDIS Plan Management companies we will make the experience of having a NDIS plan much easier for participants and carers by paying your invoices and managing your budget. To do this, we have available some of the best systems in the country.

With senior executives that all have lived experience, we are aware of the importance of early intervention and accessibility, and it is our goal to enable this for all stakeholders nationally.

Our staff are located all over Australia, and we ensure that we choose people with the same lived experience, passion, and dedication to achieving outcomes as the original founders of the organisation.

With a wealth of experience in accounting, social services, and systems integration Enabled4Life is the perfect team to manage your budget and assist you to access and navigate the NDIS.

The NDIS has been one of the biggest social reforms in modern times and it is our goal to work within this system to create health and wellbeing outcomes on a large scale. As experts in the field, we have consulted with the NDIS in relation to their payment systems and we assisted with the plan management component in the NDIS National Portal User Guide.

It is our mission to use our expertise to reduce the stress on all involved in the NDIS scheme ensuring that our families, parents, and carers are freed up to work on their goals, development, and passions and as our name suggests, MAKE THINGS POSSIBLE.

For information on accessing the NDIS, head to our Frequently Asked Questions page


Free Tools

Enabled4Life is passionate about simplifying the NDIS, compliance and budget management. That is why we have created an easy-to-use invoicing and budgeting tool for participants and their providers. Both tools are linked to the current NDIS Support Catalogue and are free to use. If you need assistance, message us.

Invoice Generator

Need to submit an NDIS invoice to Enabled4Life? With this free tool, you can create and submit a compliant invoice in a matter of minutes

Budget Calculator

A powerful tool linked to the current NDIS Support Catalogue allowing you to prepare and export a funding plan to help you stay within budget