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Enabled4Kids Hub

Early Childhood Development

Enabled4Life is committed to enhancing the health and social wellbeing of Australians by facilitating access and education regarding the National Disability Insurance Scheme.

We wish to bring attention to the National Disability Insurance Scheme’s Early Childhood Approach and guide parents through the process of accessing funding to support their children’s development. Enabled4Life recognize that early intervention is the key to kids reaching their full potential now and in the future. We encourage you to act and apply for an early childhood NDIS Plan now.


The Early Childhood Approach Aims To

Provide timely support

Inform parents & carers about early intervention supports

Increase parents capacity to manage growing support needs

Increase children's ability to partake in activities

Increase children's participation in community settings

Refer parents to resources & other support services

Received your NDIS funding?

Enabled4Life NDIS Plan Management

Takes the stress out of the NDIS by managing invoice payment for you.

Why choose Enabled4Life

Fast Payments

Payments are distributed within 2 business days of claim being approved

24/7 Budget Claims

Track your Provider claims and review your funding in real time

Activity Statements

Issued monthly, track expenses & project over and underspends


Deal with an experienced and trustworthy team who are here to support you

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