NDIS Reimbursements

If you have paid out-of-pocket for a service or item, you have proof of payment and a compliant invoice and want to be paid back from your NDIS funds, please fill and submit this form.

You and This Form

By submitting this from, you are requesting Enabled4Life reimburse you or your nominated representative from your NDIS plan based on an out-of-pocket payment made for the purchase of disability specific supports or items from a provider who is an ABN holder. Invoices must include a valid ABN unless the provider is exempt from quoting an ABN. The NDIA will only accept payment requests without an ABN if the provider is exempt from quoting an ABN under Australian Taxation Office (ATO) rules.
Exempt providers must complete the ATO Statement by a Supplier form and this form must be attached to the claim

Source Documents

A source document is the original document that contains the details of a business transaction. A source document captures the key information about a transaction, such as the names of the parties involved (Provider and Participant), amounts paid, the date, and the substance of the transactionFailure to supply a compliant source document will result in the claim being rejected. As per NDIS rules and regulations, this source document must be a tax invoice. A valid tax invoice in accordance with ATO rules must be supplied for every claim, order slips, quotes and payment and shipping confirmations are not accepted by the NDIA. 

NDIA Compliance

Enabled4Life will submit a claim to the NDIA in accordance with current NDIS pricing arrangements and price limits, this includes only paying the maximum NDIS contribution for a support or item. NDIA does not allow prepayment of services, Enabled4Life will only submit a payment request once a service has been delivered or a product has been supplied. Submitting a compliant claim will ensure you are reimbursed as quickly as possible. Once processed, the status of a reimbursement claim can be tracked via your Budget App giving you peace of mind. If you experience any issues using this form, please email